8 Year Old Abuse Victim Pours Her Heart Out in a Thank You Letter

One of the problems we can all agree should end right away is child abuse; too many children are being neglected, abused, and the victims of these tragedies remain scarred forever. There is an eight year old girl named Marie Surprenant that was abused when she was just an infant, and it has left her unable to walk.

Surprenant recently wrote a letter in response to the abuse that she suffered through, and it was directed toward the social workers and detectives of her case. When Marie was admitted to the hospital as a baby, she pointed out that her father “lied and said I fell out of the bed.” That’s when social workers and detectives were brought in, to make sure that Marie didn’t have “bad guys hurting me or anyone else.”

It’s an inspiring letter, and Marie says that she is finally happy now in a safe environment. One of the social workers, Michele Surprenant, adopted Marie out of foster care almost instantly after she was released from the hospital. Michele pointed out to Marie that social workers are good people, not ones that want to strip children away from their parents.


After developing a trust with Marie, Michele was able to adopt her into a warm and comforting home: even if Marie wasn’t a fan of the new family dog. Marie described her new dog as “loud as a vacuum, and sounds like an old man” when he snores; despite that, Marie is happy that she has two cats, a lizard, and loves her new school.

One of the sustaining injuries that has resulted from Marie’s paralysis is scoliosis, and the child needs to visit the hospital every few months for surgery. Marie is slowly putting her past behind her, and looks forward to life in Michele’s home. When she grows up, Marie wants to be a surgeon who can help others that have the same condition she does. She doesn’t want to work the 6 a.m. shift like her surgeon does, but maybe there’s something later in the day for her. Read the note that Marie wrote below:

Children's Health Care of Atlanta
Children’s Health Care of Atlanta