6 Dog Owner Reunion Stories That Will Bring You to Tears


#6 – Star

StarWhat puppy doesn’t whine or bark when they are fenced in and contained? Pit Bulls are no exception to this, which is a lesson that Crystal Sullenger learned the hard way. At only 11 months old, Sullenger let her Pit Bull pup, Star, roam freely in the fenced-in backyard without much thought. Unfortunately, when Sullenger went back outside to check on Star, he had escaped from the fence thanks to his endless supply of energy and puppy-like shenanigans.

Desperate to find her puppy, Sullenger looked for miles and miles before finally giving up after two years of her continuous search efforts. Eventually, she and her husband adopted two additional Pit Bulls and made the move to Pendleton, Oregon, where Sullenger began work at a local animal shelter, never forgetting the loss of her first dog. Four years after Star’s initial disappearance, Sullenger received an email from the police delivering great news: Star had been found during a drug raid on a house. Finally reunited, today, Star is only a head pat away from Sullenger as the Pit Bull never leaves her owner’s side!