20 Photos That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Have you ever been in need of a pick me up? Back in the days before the internet, it was hard to just randomly come across a picture that really brightened your day; unless you had a scrapbook full of Polaroid pictures laying around, it was tough. Now you can find happy pictures anywhere, and it’s awesome. Some pictures are so adorable they’re called eye bleach, because they wash away all of the awful things you’ve seen on the internet. We found 20 of the best ones that will put a smile on your face.

#20 – Photobomb

The little girl in this picture might be a bit frightened by the dolphin swimming behind her, but the wise sea creature is all smiles as he slips into the background. Dolphins are smart, and even smart enough to photobomb.

#19 – Cheese

Some dogs seem to have a permanent sad or grumpy look on their faces; the Shiba Inu is one of those dogs that always seems too serious, but this one is all smiles: especially when the cameras are on him.

#18 – Fish Watch

You know how we just said that some dogs have a permanent grumpy look on their face? Even when some of them do, they can still put a smile on yours! This bulldog is just trying to figure out how to get some seafood.

#17 – Flower Power

A lot of people like to put clothes on their pets, but their furry friends rip them off almost immediately; this is not the case for this little dog, who is happy looking like a sunflower for his owner even if he does have to go through a little discomfort.

#16 – Sealed

The seal is one of nature’s happiest creatures; they can do some pretty impressive tricks when they are trained, but even the wild ones are quick with a smile and wave: like the neighbor you wish you actually had.

#15 – Lobster Boil

You may know Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard from the Star Trek TV series, but now you can know him as the lobster who decided to sit in a tub and boil himself; actually he wasn’t hurt in the process, thankfully.

#14 – Disclaimer

A lot of people are quick to judge when it comes to what children wear. Normally you wouldn’t see a kid in a peanut costume, but mom is quick to point out that it was in no way, shape, or form, her decision.

#13 – Mannequin Rock

When you think of mannequins you usually think of dull lifeless figures that stand in stores and do nothing but model clothes; not these guys, they want to show you what rocking out in a new suit looks like.

#12 – Library Prank

Libraries are great places to pull off subtle pranks, because not only will some of them go unseen for a while, but the people that find them will really appreciate them. This is one person’s way of bending the Dewey Decimal System.

#11 – Mmmmm

The happiest you will see a dog is the moment it gets a treat; usually these treats are just knock off bacon products, but this good boy got the real deal: an entire burger. The look on his face just says it all: he’s so happy right now!

#10 – Smile!

If these pictures haven’t put a smile on your face, then perhaps someone needs to put a smile there for you; that was the case for this droopy dog, as we finally get to see what it would be like if some bulldogs could smile.

#9 – Evil Plans

Babies make some pretty weird faces, and sometimes it looks like they are plotting something very evil. This baby looks like it has its sights centered on world domination, and it starts in the kitchen! Well, maybe lunch first.

#8 – Mysterious

Just Girly Things is great, if you’re a girl; it doesn’t make much sense when you’re a guy and trying to replicate some of the things that they are into. This guy tried it out, and we think it’s much better than the model in the picture above.

#7 – Robbery

If there was one place in the world that a dog would pull off a heist, it would be PetSmart; with all of the other dogs in there a day will come when there’s a huge stickup, and the dogs make off with thousands of treats.

#6 – Rhinos

Unicorns never went extinct, and they do exist! They just happened to get a bit lazy, started eating a bit too much, and now we call them rhinos: at least that’s what this electrical box is trying to tell us. How much do you trust those things?

#5 – Parking

A lot of people take up parking spots like they own the place; sometimes they do own the place, so there’s nothing you can do. This guy took up four spots, and the others at the lot decided to let him know how they felt.

#4 – No Santa

This pair of sisters seems to have a good twin, and an evil twin; it’s easy to see the one on the left flipping off the camera, but the one on the right is getting a good chuckle out of it. Don’t let Santa see you or you might wind up with a sack of coal.

#3 – Hey Boys

Flying used to be one of those things that was luxurious, but now everybody is doing it and it’s relatively cheap; even penguins can get onto airplanes these days, but at least they don’t take up much room on the flight.

#2 – Well Hello

A smile from a pug is a pretty rare occasion; normally you get the exhausted look with snot and drool all over their faces, but this pup was ready for the camera. Even if the end result was a little crazy looking, it’s still a smile.

#1 – You Can Smile

For some people it’s pretty hard to work up a smile; in the case of young Jayson, smiling is such a chore that it looks like it’s hurting him. It’s OK Jayson, at least you tried buddy. Maybe the stern look will be OK for next year.