20 Genius Inventions That Should Be All Over the World

With 7 billion people and counting living in this world, a handful of them are bound to invent the next big thing in technology, or at least be able to think about something nifty. However, most of the time we get too convinced that the only “new” things that should come out involve computers or “futuristic” things. What we don’t know is that sometimes improvements to existing “old school” technology can excite everyone and make them wish that they have the same things in their area, or at least their country. Here are 20 of those inventions that you wish would be available EVERYWHERE.

#20 – A pizza vending machine.

1Sure you can have your pizza delivered, but don’t you think it’s much cooler to watch a vending machine make it instead? I know I’ll get a kick out of this, especially if I see this in a park. Pizza on a picnic? Yes, please!

#19 – A pen that can let you steal any color that you want

2Imagine all of the possibilities! I can’t draw to save my life, but I’d happily use this on a coloring book and color everything realistically. Or if I get childish enough, I’ll use it to make temporary embarrassing tattoos on the faces of my enemies.

#18 – This pasta measuring device that determines how much you should cook depending on what kind of hunger you have.

6You can use the horse option if you’re as hungry as one , or if you have the ponies of My Little Pony as a dinner guest. They’ll be so pleased with your perfect measurement, they’ll leave you rainbows and glitter as a parting gift!

#17 – A citrus spritzer for minimal clean up.

7If you’ve ever squeezed a lime or a lemon by hand then you know how messy it is, and there’s always the risk of some juice getting into your eye. Now, that’s no longer a problem! You can now peacefully use citrus fruits on your food with a spritzer.

#16 – An ironing board that doubles as a full-length mirror

3Space is a common problem for most apartments nowadays. This invention is very useful because it saves space and provides you with two crucial uses: making sure you won’t go out with wrinkles on your clothes, and helping you see how awesome you look like in said clothes.

#15 – A traffic light made to look like an hourglass to measure how long you have until the light changes.

4This traffic light is sent from the heavens. Instead of fidgeting as you wait for the light to change, you get an idea of how long you have until you can continue with your journey. The only thing it doesn’t do is make sure jackasses on the road follow traffic rules and regulations.

#14 – Earphones that would never magically tangle all by itself.

5Everyone’s pockets and bags usually serve as a home for imps that will magically tangle all earphone cables that they come in contact with. With this zipper design, those pesky imps will be baffled on how they’ll make your day a little worse!

#13 – A reusable candle

8Candles are usually useful during blackouts, but it gets wasteful because you can no longer re-use the melted wax unless you have all the time in the world. Enter this candle! It does the re-using for you and it probably won’t run out ever again.

#12 – A power outlet with USB ports to charge your gadgets even without an adapter.

10If you travel a lot, then you realize how problematic some international plugs are. They usually don’t match your charger’s adapter. So that makes this USB plug a good one to have EVERYWHERE. You’ll no longer get frustrated, and your gadgets will be fully charged every time.

#11 – A drinking fountain with a special tap for water bottles.

15There’s a constant struggle that’s happening when you try to refill your water bottle using that mouth nozzle on water fountains. Thankfully, a genius managed to invent this wonderful addition! You no longer have to be disappointed about how your bottle is only halfway filled.

#10 – A pair of slides on each side of the stairs to make descending easier.

9I don’t care if I’m in my 20’s, I would still go down those slides instead of the stairs. Do you people have any idea how difficult it is to descend on a flight of stairs? And how dangerous it is when you’re carrying a ton of stuff? Slides are better than steps.

#9 – A parking space with light indicators

14Parking is a pain in the butt, especially in a packed lot. These overhead light indicators are awesome! They can let you know if someone already took the space, or if you’re free to take it. Sucks that it won’t stop some annoying people from stealing that space right in front of your eyes though.

#8 – A retractable extension cord.

13Electronic manufacturers seem to hate their customers, because plugs are getting extra short nowadays. Now, with this retractable power chord, you don’t need to buy a clunky and potentially dangerous extension cord anymore. As you can see, you can easily pull this one out of your wall.

#7 – A power outlet with a night light: for when you’re trying to plug in something in the dark.

12This is extra useful for those who prefer charging their devices before they turn in for the night. You have no idea how many times I’ve mildly electrocuted myself because I couldn’t plug in my charger in the dark.

#6 – Have a baby that crawls around? Make him do double duty, and mop the floor as well!

17This isn’t lazy, it’s smart. After your kid has tired him or herself out from crawling around, you’ll notice that your floors are now extra polished thanks to this onesie! You can also send this to your friends who have kids and are now too busy to properly clean their floors.

#5 – Slippers with an overhead light to stop you from stubbing your toe while you’re on your way to the bathroom.

20Even if your toes are cushioned by your slippers, when you stub it it’s still gonna hurt a bit. Also, if you have kids running all over the place, then you’re quite familiar with the intense pain of stepping on a stray Lego block while walking to the bathroom. These could be a life saver!

#4 – Wet floor warnings that will remind you of Mario Kart

19Ever hit one of these bad boys on the final lap of Rainbow Road? Then you know that slipping on bananas will mess up your game. Plus, those boring yellow triangles are usually unnoticed by most people. Use these bananas instead, so they can pay attention and be reminded that slipping is not a good feeling.

#3 – A hairbrush pad that can be removed to clean out stray hairs.

18All women should have this on their brushes. Nothing is more icky than finding out that you can create a small hair-creature from everything that’s accumulated on your brush. Cleaning brushes is gross, annoying, and time consuming; so this invention will greatly appreciated.

#2 – A cinema with extra comfy chairs.

11The usual cinema seats can be uncomfortable and a bit sticky. With these chairs it’s probably still going to be sticky, but you’re definitely comfortable while sitting through an around 2 hour movie. And of course, it can mimic the feeling of watching from your couch!

#1 – A machine that requires you to recycle plastic bottles before you get a train ticket.

16With the world being in danger from being taken over by too much trash, inventions like this are a great thing. It’s a win-win solution for the environment as well as commuters who have no spare change to buy train tickets.