20 Cute Things Every Dog Owner Can Relate with

I am the proud owner of 3 rescue dogs. Two of them I got when they were puppies, and one was already 3 years old when I got her. With all the happiness and sloppy kisses, there are some funny things that they do that aren’t that strange. Yes I know it’s a bit mean when I laugh at their clumsiness, but at the end of the day they’re still my main source of humor. If you’re a dog owner, then you can definitely relate to what I’m saying. That being said, here are 20 things that almost all dog owners and lovers are quite familiar with.

#20 – Then in, and out again

19As much as you’d like to leave the door open for him to freely go in and out of the house, you’ll end up being greeted by the sight of muddy paw marks in the house.

#19 – All dogs are practically the kings or queens of their respective households.

20Pay respects pal! The dog wants your attention, so give it some! Who knows, you might get an all-access pass to endless cuddles and sloppy kisses. I don’t know about you, but I always try to acknowledge the presence of the greatest creature on earth all the time.

#18 – Ah, the far too common massacre of anything stuffed.

18If you have a dog that’s particularly territorial, or just wants to antagonize you a lot, never leave a stuffed animal in the vicinity of said dog. Any stuffed animal will be lucky if they can survive the massacre with at least two of their limbs still intact.

#17 – But sometimes you’re still a bit late.

13One of my dogs is a total jerk. He only makes sounds when he’s done puking, and to distract you from ever finding the puke. He’ll then lick you with his stinky, puke-covered tongue. Step up your secrecy game, dog, it’s too weak.

#16 – Heck, they can even sense whenever you open a packet of chips.

16They have an annoyingly keen sense of smell and hearing. You can’t eat snacks in the house because they will find you, and will attempt to grab whatever it is you’re eating. It could be worse, they could bring out the sad dog eyes and make you feel bad.

#15 – No matter how big they are, they’ll still manage to squeeze beside you.

17Whenever dogs do this, you can’t really get mad at them. They’re such suckers when it comes to cuddling and squeezing themselves in tight spaces, that you just don’t care if they topple over everything in the house just to be close to you.

#14 – The most common injuries of dog owners are a result of trying to groom their dog’s by themselves.

1190% of the time your dog will want to kill you with their cuteness. The other 10% shall be dedicated to defending themselves from being groomed. They don’t care if you do it gently, they will always find a way to get out of your clutches.

#13 – Dog vs. Blinds

14Dogs having fights with blinds and/or curtains are far too familiar with me,  to the point that my curtains are beyond the dog’s reach now. They’re very territorial when it comes to the windows, and they don’t need the blinds taking over.

#12 – Well, dog, can you see where we’re having a problem?

15Dogs would never understand this, but this will never stop being funny to all human beings. The poor baby’s so proud of the big stick he found, but he’s so confused as to why his human isn’t helping him. Maybe it’s better to stop, laugh, and snap a photo?

#11 – But bath time means you’ll get treats!

10Nope. The only kind of bath they love taking, is a mud bath. But find them a pool, and they’ll jump in and refuse to get out until they get tired. Add in some soap and scrubbing? You’re already dead to them.

#10 – Or if you own dogs like mine, they will only eat if you feed them by hand.

5If these dogs are anything like mine, then they’ll refuse to drink water from bowls that aren’t shaped like a bone. Think cats are demanding? Try getting a dog that has very specific preferences when it comes to his dishware and cutlery. It’s practically insane to think that dogs are low-maintenance.

#9 – They’re like land sharks, always circling around whoever has the tastiest meal.

4They do it so frequently that you’ll find yourself wanting to eat somewhere else. Sorry dog! As much as we’d like to share all of our food with you, the tiniest portion of something you eat might end up costing us thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills.

#8 – Aww, poor baby!

3Dogs don’t deal well with loud noises such as fireworks and thunder. This lady is doing it right by keeping her dog company during thunderstorms. However, if you have three dogs that panic when it rains, then it’s going to end up being bad news for your arms.

#7 – Yes, they’re aware of their size. No, they don’t care if they weigh more than you.

2They will still sit on your lap and pretend they’re still a puppy. You know what’s worse? Them miscalculating their position, and ending up with their butt on your face. Not a good thing to experience and definitely not fun after they just finished doing business.

#6 – Or better yet, your whole bed = their bed.

1Please, if your dog prefers sleeping on a cushion rather than the floor, then you might as well buy a whole new mattress for them. If you don’t, they will definitely claim your bed as their own domain. Sure you can sleep there, but only for a couple of hours and in an uncomfortable position.

#5 – Darn little cute and furry stalkers!

9Having a pack of dogs in your house will mean that you almost always have at least a few of them trailing your every step. They’re not good at cooperating during hide-and-seek because their presence will sell out your hiding place.

#4 – Only monsters kick dogs out of beds.

6As annoying as a dog stealing your bed is from time to time, you wouldn’t be able to resist a dog when they want to cuddle before bed time. Sure you can implement the “no dogs on the bed” rule, but we all know that you’ll be the first one to break it.

#3 – And this is why dogs are happy with everything.

7As picky as they are with bowls and food, dogs are quite calm when it comes to other things. You don’t have to buy them expensive toys for them to be ecstatic over things. For example, never buy expensive beds for them because they will always prefer YOUR bed, or the floor.

#2 – Sometimes they would raise hell just to keep that toy, and then get mad at you for not throwing it.

8Dogs are weird creatures. They love playing fetch, but they’re not too keen on handing over the ball, toy, or stick without a struggle. You give up and let them have it? Well prepare to make them feel neglected and unloved. Congrats, your dog thinks you’re a monster!

#1 – Well, I didn’t expect to feel a lot about this…

12This is why every dog owner feels immense pain whenever something bad happens. Every sickness, every vet diagnosis, and of course, every time you get told that you need to put your little buddy down. That’s why you should love your dog, heck any pet, unconditionally. You’re their whole world.