16 Wrestling Superstars That Suddenly Died at a Young Age


Among every age group you and old alike, professional wrestling has always been the most popular faux sport in the world. While the outcomes in professional wrestling may be predetermined, there is still a lot of athleticism involved in the aerial maneuvers and various moves that are performed. While the competitors in wrestling are meant to simulate receiving injuries from their opponents, many of the on-screen injuries are more real than fantasy; these injuries can take years off of an athlete’s life span, and due to this (and other reasons), there have been many pro wrestlers that have unfortunately met their death at a young age.

Steroids have played a major role in some of these premature deaths, but in order to maintain their image, and receive a sizable pay check, these athletes will go to any lengths to stay relevant. It’s no shock that steroids come with a long list of health problems, but until recently they weren’t banned in professional wrestling. But which wrestling superstar’s sudden deaths shocked us the most? Here are the top 16 young wrestlers, who suddenly passed away and left us shocked and mourning. All of these performers unfortunately passed away before the age of 50, and the list does not include Chris Benoit: who took his own life after murdering his wife and son.