16 Secret Messages You Didn’t Know Were Hidden in The Simpsons

The Simpsons have been around since 1989, and have become so famous that even non-fans of the show can recognize the main characters. One of the reasons why the show is so popular is the fact that it’s dynamic, and has something for almost every kind of viewer out there. Matt Groening and company definitely took the time, and effort to meticulously hide Easter eggs and references in plain sight of the viewers. It can be painful to search for each and every one of them, so we here at Gidy decided to help you guys out and scour some for ourselves.

So now, we present to you 16 of the best Easter eggs that you might have missed from The Simpsons.

#16 – A113


A113 has been used throughout the series as prisoner numbers for different characters; this isn’t some random code that the producers of the show thought up on a whim, it’s actually a room at the California Institute of Arts where the show’s animators graduated from. A113 appears in Pixar/Disney movies for the same reason.

#15 – Matt Groening


Being the creator of the show comes with some perks, like being able to make an appearance from time to time. In season 5, episode 12, Bart testifies in court to save Mayor Quimby’s nephew, Freddy. The courtroom sketch artist is actually Groening himself, and even included his signature in what he was drawing!

#14 – McBain Movie

If you’re an avid watcher of the show, you’ll know McBain. Not sure who he is? He’s the dude that was obviously based on Arnold Schwarzenegger. He appears in the show periodically in movie or TV clips, which when lined up form an actual movie with its own plot. Check it out for yourself:

#13 – Maggie’s Real Worth

In the opening credits of the show, you’ll notice that when Maggie is scanned her retail price comes out as $847.63; this isn’t just a random figure, it’s from an actual survey conducted in 1989 that estimated the average monthly cost of raising a child in America.


#12 – Matt Groening’s Initials


Matt Groening took the liberty to “brand” his work by hiding his initials in plain sight of the viewers. Homer’s hair and ears form an M and a G for “Matt Groening.” Clever man!

#11 – Shoutout to Danny Elfman


From 1999 to 2009, Danny Elfman had his name on a storefront in Springfield to serve as a shout out for his work on the theme song of the show. When he left the team later on, that bit from the opening credits was cut out; tough break!

#10 – Homer: Badman Messages


During season 6, episode 9, the media wrongfully accused Homer of sexually harassing a girl; once he was proven innocent, a news program within the show issues an apology in the form of quick messages scrolling through the screen:  one of them being “If you are reading this you have no life.”

#9 – Frink Rules! on Treehouse of Horror VI


In this episode Homer gets sent into a 3D world wherein a lot of Easter eggs can be seen. If you look behind him, you’ll notice a sequence of hexadecimal numbers: 46 72 69 6E 6B 20 72 75 6C 65 73 21 that can be translated from ASCII into “Frink Rules!”

#8 – Peter Griffin? Peter Griffin!


We’re all aware that Family Guy is constantly compared to the Simpsons. Most are aware there’s been a crossover episode that was just marvelous, however, did you know that Peter Griffin made a cameo in Treehouse of Horror XIII?

#7 – Springfield Pulled Off A GoT-like Opening Sequence

Even if you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones you’d be pretty amazed with the show’s opening sequence. That being said, Groening and company did their own take on the HBO show’s opening: they made sure that Springfield had the Westeros treatment.

#6 – Krusty the Clown = Homer?!


This may be one of the most obvious easter eggs in the show, considering that Homer and Krusty are two of the most beloved characters from The Simpsons. The two have such nearly identical models for their characters that if you put a wig, and some make-up on Homer, he’s practically Krusty!

#5 – The Writers Aren’t Just Writers


The writers of the show aren’t just talented in comedy, they’re also quite good in Math; some of their jokes actually come in the form of mathematical humor that’s hidden in plain sight of the viewers. Even Homer got to join in on the fun after he almost disproved Fermat’s last theorem in season 10.

#4 – Recreating Moments in History


The Simpsons don’t just include easter eggs in the show to poke fun at certain events, they also recreate iconic moments in history using characters from the show; here’s one of Homer and his friends looking like The Beatles in a recording studio.

#3 – Where’s Waldo? Possibly Springfield.


Where’s Waldo is one of the books that have been referenced in the show a few times already; unsurprisingly  Waldo has appeared in the show’s background as well. As per tradition, he usually appears in the midst of crowds or casually walking by windows.

#2 – Five Fingers are for Deities


Almost all cartoon characters are bound to only have four fingers, however in The Simpsons God and Jesus Christ are allowed to have five fingers on each hand; maybe the extra finger is a sign of their holiness?

#1 – Paul McCartney’s Lentil Soup

In season five, Sir Paul McCartney mentioned that if “Maybe I’m Amazed” gets played backwards, a recipe for a “ripping lentil soup” would be revealed; if you carefully listen to the version of the song played in the closing credits of the episode, you’ll hear Paul McCartney reciting the recipe in the background.