16 Animals That Look Ridiculous Licking Glass

Animals do all sorts of crazy things, and a lot of them make us laugh. One of the funniest things they do, that we unfortunately don’t get to see too often, is licking glass. A lot of people lick glass because it just looks hilarious, and animals are no exception. When animals lick glass it’s even funnier because we don’t believe they understand the entertainment concept of it all. If you haven’t seen them doing it before, now is your chance. Here are 16 animals that look ridiculous while licking glass.

#16 – Orangutan


This baby orangutan at the zoo is still trying to discover the world around him. Finding glass for the first time can be a pretty eye opening experience, and this guy has only one question: “What does it taste like?”

#15 – Cub

Cats are ready to introduce themselves, no matter how massive they are. This little lion cub was trying to introduce himself to the people at the zoo, but didn’t realize that there is glass in between him and the humans.

#14 – Husky

This husky is just trying to bring some joy to the house by working his art skills all over the glass door. You can see that trying to keep clean glass in a house with a dog is a losing battle, and one that just doesn’t have an end.

#13 – Cat


Why is the cat on the roof? We’re not sure, but for him there’s no better way to collect some rain drops that accumulated on the windows. Maybe if he wasn’t roaming around outside he wouldn’t be so thirsty.

#12 – Cocker Spaniel


This Cocker Spaniel seems to really be enjoying himself when licking the window. He has his eyes closed as if it were the best thing to ever happen for a dog. It seems weird to get so much joy out of a task like this, but more power to him.

#11 – Lab


This dog doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself as much as the last one. It’s almost as if it’s a chore to keep licking the window and keep it clean for his owners. Little does he know how counterproductive that is.

#10 – Bunny


Even bunnies are curious to see what glass tastes like. It shouldn’t really taste like anything, and it surely doesn’t taste like carrots. Still it’s adorable to see him try to figure it out on his own, even if he won’t do it again.

#9 – Another Husky


This Husky looks like he has seen better days. Instead of using his tongue to lick up the glass, he’s just smashing his whole face in there trying to get a taste. It looks pretty painful, but so funny at the same time.

#8 – Squirrel


It can be hard for squirrels to get the water they need if it’s not collecting well enough on the pine needles or leaves in the trees. The last resort is to visit someone’s house and get the water straight off their windows.

#7 – More Cats


Cats have a natural instinct to use their tongue for just about everything. You can see the little hairs on his tongue that are good for collecting water, even if it is at the expense of your window. How can you be mad though?

#6 – Hamster


Most hamsters spend their entire lives trapped in a cage, and this chubby little dude wants to know if he can find an exit; through the powerful art of licking. Licking isn’t going to break down the glass, but he’ll keep trying.

#5 – Tiger


Even large and mature cats want to get a taste of the window and leave no water behind. This big guy is taking a bath, and wants to make sure that his mouth gets as hydrated as the rest of his body. By the way, that tongue will rip you to shreds.

#4 – Fox


Foxes are underrated in the animal kingdom when it comes to cuteness, especially since they aren’t exactly dangerous to humans. Still, some people appreciate foxes, and this one was lucky enough to be caught in the act.

#3 – Goofier Fox


This fox doesn’t quite have the cute factor as the last one, but the laugh factor is through the roof. Derpy is a good way to describe the look on this fox’s face as he tries to taste his way through the transparent door.

#2 – Black Cat


Have you ever seen this much focus from a cat? Man, when they really put their mind to something they can accomplish quite a bit. Even if it’s something as simple as licking a window, he actually looks smarter than most cats.

#1 – Otter


The glass is so clean in front of this otter that it’s hard to tell if he’s actually licking any glass, or just doing his best mime impression. Fun fact: otters usually eat small sea creatures, and glass is not in their usual diet.