16 Adorable Dogs That Are Best Friends

Humans aren’t the only living creatures on earth that have the ability to feel emotions; animals are pretty good at it too. A great example is with dogs. They’re extremely loyal to their masters, and they’re pretty cool to hang out with. They’re actually so cool that you can’t help but feel jealous whenever you see doggy BFFs hanging out. Seriously, dogs make better friends than humans do 95% of the time. They won’t share your secrets with others, and they’re always really happy to see you. Here are 16 dogs that can be one of your real life friendship goals.

#16 – Nobody will mess with this Corgi, so long as his German Shepherd friend is around.

1You just know that the little Corgi is actually the boss of that beautiful German Shepherd. Why? Because all small dogs are pint-sized bosses, and the big ones are the most gentle giants that you will ever meet in your life.

#15 – “What mud? We didn’t play in the mud. Promise!”

6They look so guilty and yet so innocent at the same time. One looks like he’s about to crack, while the other is maintaining a straight face. Don’t worry boys! I don’t think you’re gonna get in trouble because you’re both so darn cute!

#14 – This is our “gangsta” pose!

5Look at that baby on the bottom trying to look all tough! No matter how “gangsta” you become, you’re still both cute babies that always make silly poses in front of the camera. Seems like they really do have each other’s backs!

#13 – How are you friend? I haven’t seen you in so long!

4Humans aren’t the only ones that get overly excited when they see their friends for the first time in a while. Dogs do it too, and they’re much cuter when they meet again. It’s shameful that humans aren’t usually like this, but maybe we’ll eventually evolve.

#12 – Go away, we’re napping here.

3Sometimes I wonder if dogs dream like humans do. They’re so peaceful when they’re sleeping, and they don’t get mad when you interrupt them while sleeping. I wish I could still be happy to see someone even if they ruined my sleep.

#11 – Pug: I wonder how many more days to go before I get as big as him?

2Pugs are big dogs stuck in little, fat, pudgy bodies. Then again, can you imagine having a pug that’s the same size as a Great Dane? Wouldn’t that be freaky, yet awesome at the same time? Why hasn’t science done anything about this yet?!

#10 – With an honorary canine.

7As society and 80’s/90’s Saturday morning cartoons would tell you; cats and dogs do not get along very well. Although, in real life, they’re pretty great friends. For instance, look at these three awesome buddies napping together peacefully.

#9 – Look at these two posing like models!

8Move over Victoria’s Secret angels, there’s some new models in town! These beautiful girls are overly qualified for this position.

#8 – Pug: I’m going to taste your nose, furry dog!

9If you own a pug then you know that they like giving kisses using their tongues, regardless of who or what you are. This pug, though, is very brave! I’ve seen my own pugs cower when in the company of bigger dogs.

#7 – “Ugh, look at Fifi! She definitely let herself go after birthing 7 puppies!”

10Ah, of course, what would friendship be without the gossiping? Seems like these two have something against Fifi from next door because she’s no longer as cute as she used to be before puppies. Well, gossiping doesn’t affect the cuteness of these two!

#6 – Look at these well-behaved babies not messing up the flowers!

11Dogs are cute, but they will ruin your flower bed if they get too excited. Luckily these two are well-versed in the art of gardening, and are maybe far more interested in taking the perfect BFF photos instead of destroying nature’s gifts.

#5 – They’re probably wondering where to go for brunch.

16This looks like the morning after an amazing party. This pair now wants something to eat, and they’re planning on getting brunch, maybe after they take the perfect BFF selfie and post it on Instagram. Dogs these days live such fabulous lives.

#4 – Ah, the look of a friend that will mess you up if you mess with his/her BFF.

15Awww. The black dog seems so in love with his pal. The look on his eyes spell love, until the third and fourth photo showed what he’ll do to protect her. He’ll mess you up if you steal his woman. You have been warned.

#3 – They’re only staring because we’re so cute together!

14That’s right, babies! You’re both so precious together. And yes, people will always stare because no human being will ever have the same amount of cuteness as these two. That’s right, I went there. Again, dogs will be forever better than humans.

#2 – You can literally hear these two cuties snoring!

13I won’t complain about hearing these two snoring in the middle of the night. How can you be mad at two pudgy babies with snoring issues? Their snores aren’t as annoying as human snores, but you have to admit that they’re such a delight to look at.

#1 – Last but not least, these two beauties who give each other so much happiness!

12Look at that happy baby smiling so widely after her friend gave her a kiss! Such a precious thing to look at. If you’re not feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside after seeing this photo, you might have to rethink how you feel things.