15 Wrestlers You Wont Recognize Before They Beefed Up


Professional wrestling is built around eccentric characters of both massive size and ego, which can capture and entertain any crowd through their daring maneuvers and over the top antics. Wrestling promotions give the impression that only the biggest and baddest competitors can make their way to the top, because an average size guy would have an awful hard time actually beating a guy like “The Big Show” in a one on one match (or even a three on one match, that guy looks like he eats bones for breakfast).

While many people have spoken out about the use of steroids in professional sports over the years, Vince McMahon (current Chairman and CEO of the WWE) has said that professional wrestling is now completely clean. Whether it’s true or not that steroids can longer be found in the WWE locker room, wrestlers are still becoming increasingly massive over the years.

Bulking up to enter the ring has led to some incredible body transformations over the years, with some of wrestling’s biggest stars looking completely different than they did when they first started their careers; which ones have gotten the biggest? Take a look at the top 15 wrestlers that you might not recognize due to their incredible physical transformations.