15 Signs That Every Dog Owner Will Love

We all love our dogs: they help us out when we’re feeling down, they are fun to play with, and they don’t talk back. They’re basically like our children except they cost a lot less money, and they don’t spend their entire days browsing on their smart phones. Dog owners go a long way to show love for their dogs, and getting a sign is one of them. Here are 15 of those signs that every dog owner is sure to love.

#15 – Nice Dog

Sometimes it’s not the dog you have to worry about, but the person that owns the dog. If you are crazier than your dog, then this is the perfect sign for you.

#14 – Warning

Chances are that your dog never leaves your house, so they’re home seven days a week. Sometimes the dog can be a little nasty for a few days each week, and it’s up to the trespasser to guess which days they are feeling feisty.

#13 – My Windows


If you have a dog, then you know how hard it can be to keep your windows clean. This owner has given up on trying to keep the windows clean and is now allowing the dog to perform its beautiful art.

#12 – Beware


You’re going to need a large sign if your dog is large enough to eat them. This also lets the person who might be thinking of wandering onto your property know that it might be too late to go back.

#11 – Guests


Dogs are a surefire way of telling which person is able to be trusted, and which ones you should just keep out of your life. Now you can tell guests, before they even walk in the door, that your dog is the ultimate judge.

#10 – Sarcasm


We’re not sure how dogs can be sarcastic since they can’t really speak, but it must be interesting to find out when you step onto their property. Now we all kind of want to see this sarcastic dog and what he has to say.

#9 – Strange


If you couldn’t tell by the sign, this dog is indeed strange. It takes a special breed of dog to want to lick through a hole in the fence to guess what is on the other side. Maybe he’ll feel that sign once he searches a little more.

#8 – Wagging Tail


Dogs can really make the household a happier place to be, and these owners really appreciate the joy that their four legged friend brings to them. There is an unfriendly woof, but dog lovers probably don’t hear it very often.

#7 – Winking


We want to know how to better communicate with our dogs, and maybe this is just their way of doing it. Dogs have weird ways of blinking their eyes, and it’s usually one at a time. Are they hungry? Do they want to play? Who knows.

#6 – Death


Little dogs are sometimes referred to as “ankle biters.” This is because their way of greeting you is by gnawing around at your feet and ankles until they get to know you. They don’t dislike you, that’s just their thing.

#5 – Don’t


Dogs will try to get their owners to let them out, even if they don’t really need to go out. Some dogs know the owners won’t let them, so they try to get strangers to help them out. This sign should put an end to that.

#4 – Knock


If there is one thing in this world that will make a dog bark instantly: it’s a knock at the door. Singing the song of their people is just how they want to let the owners know that a jolly visitor has come to greet them in person.

#3 – Licker


We all know that one person who can’t hold their liquor. Oh, wait a minute, that says “licker.” Yes dogs are known to not be able to keep their tongues in their mouth, so this lets people know that drool is on the horizon.

#2 – Dog Love


We already pointed out that dogs are the true test of character for someone that visits your home for the first time. If the dog is afraid and growls a lot, then you should probably just get out of the house; you’re not welcome there.

#1 – Kids


When a dog gets a little older and has spent its entire life playing around with children, it can get worn out pretty quickly. At that stage you don’t need to concern yourself with the dog, it’s the kids that you should be wary of.