15 Photos That Will Leave You Completely Speechless

Have you ever seen a photograph and thought it was the best photo ever taken? It could be an image that changes your life forever or simply takes your breath away for a moment; photos of this magnitude can be pretty hard to come by, but when you find them it’s amazing!

Some people spend their entire lives hunting for the perfect picture, and very few have found it. You know a great picture when you see it, and we have found some to show you; here are 15 photos that are so captivating they will leave you speechless.

#15 – Aurora

Bands in the Sky

One of the most beautiful things that nature can produce is the Northern Lights; this photo captures the Northern Lights during a snowy setting, showing how awesome nature can really look.

#14 – Ride the Wave


It’s hard to capture a photo of a good wave since they’re so sporadic; one photographer was able to capture a great picture inside of the curl, and even got the sunset in the background for a truly phenomenal photo.

#13 – Mountain Town


This may look like a really elaborate hotel lobby you might see in a place like Las Vegas, but it’s actually the exterior of multiple buildings stacked up on top of each other; the light fading farther up the mountain you go gives the photo a great contrast.

#12 – Standing in the Sky


Sometimes the water is so clear in certain areas that the shallow parts can make it look like you are standing in an endless sky. The only way you could tell this man is actually standing on water is because of his reflection below.

#11 – Storm Brewing


If you want something that’s hard to capture in a photo then lightning is probably at the top of the list. This picture was able to capture a storm so frightening that it looks like something straight out of the apocalypse.

#10 – Gentle Stream


This blossom tree is something that unfortunately we don’t usually see in North America, but they are pretty common in Asia; these two are going for a romantic boat ride while the trees are in full bloom.

#9 – Insignificant


This picture is sure to make you feel like a speck of dust in the grand scheme of the universe. This long exposure shot shows the outer edges of the Milky Way galaxy, and the countless other galaxies beyond it.

#8 – Montreal


You’ll notice that a large number of cities around the world are near a mountain; this is due to old travelers wanting to rest, and build where they were. The city of Montreal looks amazing in winter with mountains located in the middle of the city.

#7 – Bridges


Not only mountains have big cities, there are plenty of rivers around some of the world’s most notable locations; to get across these rivers you need to build a few bridges, and this city has some of the finest.

#6 – Streaming


Even with our constant building and exploration a lot of the world has remained untouched. This little stream in Ireland appears to be a quiet place, even with a road and a bridge above it; the bridge itself looks peaceful and reminds of an older time.

#5 – End of Civilization


Waterfalls are some of the most fascinating natural formations known to man; how they formed and how long they have been around is a big mystery, but they are amazing to look at. The gap this one creates from everything else is quite a sight to behold.

#4 – Pooling

Seljalandsfoss at sunset

This waterfall isn’t as large and powerful as the previous one, but it’s even more beautiful; the water seems to just be collecting in a small pool instead of a massive river, and the green pastures on the hill seem to be keeping it small and peaceful.

#3 – Satellite


Not many people get a chance to travel outside of the atmosphere and into outer space; it’s absolutely breathtaking for those that ever get the chance, and you can see the millions of lights that humans have placed over the years.

#2 – Iceshroom


Ice can make some really cool and unique shapes, and this one appears to be a melting mushroom on top of a rock. It would be impossible to capture the exact moment that a falling drop ended up freezing, but seeing the end result is fantastic.

#1 – Foggy Day


Even on our own planet we can feel incredibly insignificant, and mountains do a really good job of helping out in that department. This person is admiring the view on top of a rock, and there’s so much massive landscape in the background that it feels like we haven’t traveled very far at all.