A Bug’s Life: Up Close & Personal with 15 Amazing Macro Images of Insects


We swat mosquitoes and shriek at spiders, walk over ants and dodge wasps but have we ever considered the beauty of bugs? Insects are actually the most diverse creatures on the planet and, even though we don’t (or hate to) admit it, insects play a huge role in our lives. Many of us are afraid of certain types of insects while we easily dismiss the value or presence of others because of their tiny size. But, have you ever looked at a bug up close?

Although we learn about insects in school and their role in the world around us, only a few people actually go on to further study and appreciate them. In fact, if you haven’t really looked at bug up close out of fear or disgust, you are far from alone as this is the case for so many of us avoiding the creepy crawlers at all costs! From long legs to big eyes and tentacles, we are making it easy for you to get an up-close look of some of the most common insects without actually having to touch or be near them! Let’s take a moment to discover the beauty in this creepy crawling adventure of 15 amazing macro images of common insects!