14 Photos of Pets Reacting to Vet Trips

It’s no secret that pets absolutely hate going to the vet’s office; hardly anything good comes from visiting the vet if you are a cat or a dog. A trip to the vet usually means that there is a shot waiting, or some other scary treatment from a stranger they have never met.

Because the vet’s office is such a terrifying place for pets they get visibly nervous leading up to the trip; it can be adorable to see these pets not wanting to go, but they know deep down they have to. Here are the 14 best photos of pets reacting to their vet trips.

#14 – Sad Corgi


This one puppy has the cutest eyes you may ever see, but they look incredibly sad right now; he’s trying to give the look that will get him out of the vet’s office, but it isn’t going to work this time.

#13 – Big Baby


It’s weird to see a dog this large turn into a little puppy, but the vet’s office has that kind of power over an animal. The owner has to pick him up and hold him like a baby, as it’s the only way to calm him down before his big check up.

#12 – Hide and Seek


Some dogs think they can get out of a trip to the vet’s by hiding behind the curtain, but we all know that’s not going to work out; he is not nearly as well hidden as he might think he is, but you have to credit him for the attempt.

#11 – German Shepherd


German Shepherds are famous for having absolutely adorable puppies, and when they give you sad eyes it can make it super hard to take them to the vet. Sorry buddy, this is a trip that we all have to make at some point.

#10 – Sink Cat


Here we see another hiding spot that isn’t fooling anyone. At least the dog tried to use something that could actually cover him up; this cat is trying to hide behind a transparent glass jar, and a water faucet.

#9 – Hold Me


Here’s another case of a big dog turned into a puppy at the sight of a doctor; this is one big fella that needs to be cradled. This dog isn’t in any danger, but the way he’s acting would have you think something awful is coming.

#8 – Please No


Remember burying your face in the covers hoping that your parents wouldn’t make you go to school? Dogs pretty much do the same thing, and feign sleep when you tell them that it’s time to go to the vet’s.

#7 – Are We Done?


The little guy made it all the way through the treatment but is still looking sad during the wrap up; he probably thinks that he is going to be at the vet’s forever, but thankfully he’s just about to pack up and head home!

#6 – Sneaky Shiba


This Shiba Inu has tried to back away from the vet’s office as far as possible but has simply run out of room; the corner is the farthest that he can get, but it still won’t stop the shots from coming.

#5 – Rage Dog


We have seen plenty of dogs that have been cowering or turning into big babies, but this one is taking the opposite approach. The owners said he was smiling, but that sure looks like a dog that is pretty upset to me.

#4 – Dopey Dog


Sometimes dogs know the meaning of certain words, and this one knows what the word ‘vet’ means; this was the dog’s reaction after he told the pooch where they were taking a trip, and he looks pretty mortified!

#3 – You Never Told Me


A lot of dogs like to go for rides in the car, and this one is no exception. He must have assumed that they were going to the park, but found out on the way that they were going to the vet instead. His reaction says it all: “are you kidding me?”

#2 – I’m Done

maxresdefault (1)

This dog would love nothing more than to be back in the comfort of his own home and asleep, but he’s not quite done yet; after getting a minor surgery this pooch seemed absolutely distraught that he is still at the vet’s office.

#1 – Just Take Me Home


Dogs show a wide range of emotion more clearly than any other animal; this dog’s reaction spells defeat, as he has accepted the sad fact that he’s at the vet’s. At least he’ll get a lollipop at the end, right?