14 Adorable Photos of Cats Sleeping on Dogs

They say that cats and dogs don’t get along, and that they are just two species that can simply never coexist. We usually only see the two hanging out together in animated films or other cute shows, but it does happen in real life. Not very often, but it does happen.

Some cats work up the nerve to hang around dogs, and even go as far as using them as pillows. These cats and dogs get along tremendously, and could all show us a thing or two about acceptance. Here are 14 cats that fell asleep on top of dogs, and are absolutely adorable.

#14 – Puppy Pillow


This adorable little Labrador puppy is still learning the ropes of the house, but he’s also going to have to spend his whole life thinking that he’s a pillow for cats. The white cat is old enough to know that she’s in charge, which works for her.

#13 – Double Trouble


They say it’s bad luck to have a black cat cross your path, but is there a saying about letting two of them sleep on your back? If it’s bad luck, then don’t tell this retriever who doesn’t seem to mind the sleepy cats on top of him.

#12 – Stretched Out


This black pit bull looks like he would be rough and tumble over, but he’s really just a big sweetheart that will let any old cat sleep on his back. Letting the cat continue to stretch out and get comfortable is the ultimate form of love.

#11 – Colorful Cuddles


This dog is showing the patience of a saint with a white cat nestling up to his neck, and a gray cat sleeping on his hip. It looks like the white cat might be giving him a neck massage, which is a nice way of returning the favor.

#10 – Small Spot


This dog is still a puppy, and not a very big one; this is like sleeping on a toddler sized bed when you’re a full grown adult. Still, the dog doesn’t seem to mind that the cat is sleeping on his entire body, as these two are best buddies.

#9 – Bigger Bed


This cat has no trouble finding room on top of the St. Bernard since she’s only a little kitten. You could probably end up fitting about 12 more of these cats on top of the sleeping dog, and he probably wouldn’t even feel it.

#8 – Thanks Pal


This orange tabby cat is showing her appreciation to the dog for letting the other two cats sleep on her. They all seem so comfortable, almost as if the dog is the mother trying to keep the babies calm.

#7 – What Was That


These two have the look on their face that says, “Yeah I’m a cat sleeping on top of a dog, so what?” We don’t have a problem with it, but they seem to be offended by whatever is going on to the right of the picture.

#6 – Little Big Spoon


This puppy and kitten combo must assume that they are actually related because they are getting along so well. It’s not often that you see these two types of animals cuddle up to each other like humans do, but it’s magical when it happens.

#5 – Cuddle Train


The chocolate lab seems to be getting the raw end of the deal since he’s being squished toward the back of the couch, but he’s just happy to be a part of it. The Dachshund and the Siamese cat seem to be enjoying the nap time.

#4 – Are We Done?


This little bengal cat has found a new friend, but he doesn’t seem as happy or patient as some of the other dogs in this list. The puppy just wants this whole thing to be over as quickly as possible, even though he’s getting some love.

#3 – Brown, Black, and White


At first glance, it looks like the cat sitting on top of the dog might actually be a puppy that she gave birth to, because they share the same colorful coats. But that is indeed a cat that must think it has found its mother.

#2 – Chubby In the Sun


This cat has found a nice soft pillow in a warm spot right by the door. They had to move some curtains out of the way first, but that’s OK. They don’t look like they’re ready to sleep quite yet, but they are getting there. They just have to warm up first.

#1 – Zonked Out


There probably aren’t two animals in this list that look more exhausted than these two. There’s a chance that they don’t even like each other but were too tired to get away. Looks like they just ended up passing out on the couch.