11 Awesome Photos of Dogs in Photo Booths

People love photo booths, it gives us an opportunity to take a few quick photos with our friends without having to ask someone to hold our cameras; photo booths are pretty popular in malls, amusement parks, and parties, but for the most part they’re only used by humans.

These days it’s not only people, but dogs that have taken to hopping into these photo booths. Dogs don’t know that there’s pictures being taken of them, so the photos end up being funnier than what a human can take; the end results are both hilarious and cute. Here are the best photos of dogs in photo booths.

#11 – Curious


This glamour shot shows a dog looking comfortable in front of the camera, and receives a small treat tossed to him which was captured perfectly in the air; the stare that the dog gives is mesmerizing, and definitely adorable.

#10 – Buddies


This pit bull puppy and bulldog seem like two best friends just hanging out. There is even a shot of the bulldog getting a reluctant kiss on the cheek while the pit bull stares into the camera; it’s a touching set of photos.

#9 – Sophisticated


The amount of comfort that these two have in front of the camera increases with each picture they take; you can see in the first photo that they seemed confused, but end up smiley and playful toward the last two in the set. Just look at that final photo, it’s enough to make you melt.

#8 – Stern


If you ever want a dog with a super stern look to drop his annoyed demeanor, just put him next to a playful pup like this one; the buddies start playing more and more as the pictures go on, and we get another adorable smooch on the cheek.

#7 – Dress Up


A couple of these dogs don’t seem too happy that they had to get dressed up for the camera. The annoyed look on the French bulldog’s face has definitely captured what it feels like when you’re tired of other people’s crap; the Chihuahua just looks confused, and can blame it?

#6 – The Trio


The bulldog on the right in the first photo is slobbering all over the place, hamming it up, and getting the other dogs to do the same; they swap positions in just about every picture letting us only imagine how active the photo booth was.

#5 – Range of Emotions


It looks like this dog had a sneezing fit in the first photo, and wasn’t too happy to be there. As the photos roll on it’s clear that the look was just captured at the right moment, and that this pup doesn’t have a care in the world.

#4 – Happy, Sad, and Tired


We get to see the transformation of a dog who went from happy go lucky to tired and annoyed by the end of the shoot. It’s a special thing to be able to see all the faces a dog can make within half a minute, but by the end of it he’s as tired as we all are at the end of a photo shoot.

#3 – Husky


This Husky is a curious little fellow who wants to know what this camera thing is; he warms up to it and ends up taking a couple good shots: just look at his thousand yard stare towards his flying treat.

#2 – Smile


It looks like this dog was trying to muster up the goofiest smile he could, but just gave up and stuck his tongue out; for his efforts he got a little treat, and he is totally locked onto it as it floats through the air.

#1 – Pinched


This long and skinny dog perfectly embodies what confusion looks like; he took a little break from trying to figure everything out to enjoy a nice snack, but then snapped right back into curiosity. Those eyes are wide open in the last picture, and they don’t know what’s happening right now.