10 Serial Killers That Completely Fooled the Police


#10 – The Honolulu Strangler

The-Honolulu-StranglerWhen it comes to horrible crimes in the United States, the last place in the world anyone would ever expect is crime in paradise but, paradise was home to the Honolulu Strangler. Known as the first serial killer in the state, the Honolulu Strangler claimed the lives of five women between 1985 and 1986.

The first known victim was 25 year old Vicki Gail Purdy, who left her home to go clubbing with friends but never showed up, only to be found strangled in an embankment the following day. The other four victims were Regina Sakamoto, 17, Denise Hughes, 21, Louise Medeiros, 25 and Linda Pesce, 36. After Linda’s murder, the police set up roadblocks around her home, leading to the capture and questioning of a suspect who was later released as an informant who told the police that a psychic led him to where the body was. Despite an ongoing investigation into the cold cases, no one was been charged with the murders.