10 Seemingly Impossible Ancient Discoveries That Will Make You Question Everything


#10 – Lady of the Spiked Throne

Lady-of-the-Spiked-ThroneAfter the discovery of the Lady of the Spiked Throne, researchers have been trying to determine whether it was a chariot or boat. The best guess that they came up with was that it was a funeral taking place inside of the structure. It’s believed that it came from around 2,700 B.C. and it has been a mystery ever since. It’s symbolism has been lost on archaeologists, but earned its name from the throne of spikes that a possible royal is sitting upon.

One thing that has always stunned the researchers that have looked at it are the features. The eyes of the symbols on the artifact all have large eyes that are shaped almost like almonds, and their heads are very elongated with noses that look like bird beaks. It’s likely that we’ll never know who the Lady is, or what she represented.