10 Seemingly Impossible Ancient Discoveries That Will Make You Question Everything

The good thing about technological advances over the past century or so is the fact that history will be very easy for future generations to uncover the history that we are presently making. Before the rise of technology, though, there are a lot of mysteries that we have yet to solve. A lot of the clues are there, but the final answers are still up in the air.

We keep discovering ancient artifacts that baffle us, not lending much evidence as to where they came from. The mysteries that can’t be solved right away by scientists have been left as mysteries, while some people like to think that there used to be a lot of aliens around in ancient times, but that probably isn’t the case.

So what discoveries from the past are the most mysterious? These are the findings that have baffled scientists, archaeologists, historians and the general public and may unlock the secrets of our past. Here are the 10 most seemingly impossible ancient discoveries that will make you question everything.

#10 – Lady of the Spiked Throne

Lady-of-the-Spiked-ThroneAfter the discovery of the Lady of the Spiked Throne, researchers have been trying to determine whether it was a chariot or boat. The best guess that they came up with was that it was a funeral taking place inside of the structure. It’s believed that it came from around 2,700 B.C. and it has been a mystery ever since. It’s symbolism has been lost on archaeologists, but earned its name from the throne of spikes that a possible royal is sitting upon.

One thing that has always stunned the researchers that have looked at it are the features. The eyes of the symbols on the artifact all have large eyes that are shaped almost like almonds, and their heads are very elongated with noses that look like bird beaks. It’s likely that we’ll never know who the Lady is, or what she represented.

#9 – Mayan Artifacts

Mayan-ArtifactsFueling the Apocalypse of 2012 rumors, the Mexican government revealed that Mayan artifacts had been held for nearly a century after being discovered in a pyramid. The pattern on the artifacts seem to symbolize an alien race visiting Earth. The timing of the artifacts being released and the people that were involved (including an actor’s son), but the public doesn’t know if it’s a hoax or a cover-up of more information.

Some believe that it is a hoax because a documentary that was sanctioned by the government was created by Raul Julia-Levy. However, that is the name of a man that might be someone else, as the real Julia-Levy’s widow has said that a con man named Salvador Fuentes is trying to steal his identity to create the documentary. It’s a tale shrouded in mystery with not much proof scientifically.

#8 – The Minaret of Jam

The-Minaret-of-JamPeople still visit the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan these days, standing at 210 feet. All that is known of its construction is that the Ghurid Dynasty built it, but an exact date range isn’t known because the inscriptions were unclear. Some archaeologists believe that the tall structure belonged to the lost city of Firozkoh, which was the capital of the Ghurid Dynasty, but was ordered to be destroyed.

Now that erosion has taken place and the Minaret of Jam is believed to be at risk of collapsing, time is running out to discover the origin story. Outside access has been extremely limited in the tower that was believed to have been built on top of what is now a lost city after destruction from the Mongols and multiple flash floods have washed it away. There are plenty of inscriptions on the tower, with many religious texts.

#7 – Sajama Lines

Sajama-LinesThere are a lot of lines in topography, but they usually aren’t this straight. Sajama, in Bolivia, has thousands of these lines that are a few feet wide and up to 10 miles long. Nobody was sure just how rare they were until space exploration started. The lines defy the physical shape of the area due to changing elevation, but the origins are still unknown. It’s possible that they came from a time when the region was more flat, or that it was caused by something not of this Earth.

Many scientists believe that these lines were made by humans in one of the most elaborate pieces of art to ever be made, but that would be a massive project that would takes decades. Large preservation projects have also taken place to make sure that the lines stay in place, but the exact meaning hasn’t been found.

#6 – Mystery Sphere

Mystery-SphereDiscovered by the Betz family after a forest fire, this silver sphere with an odd triangular symbol started reacting strangely by giving off noise and rolling on the floor. It was fun at first before the sphere started reacting strangely, and it was turned over to the American government. All that was found was that it was a solid steel sphere, but plenty of people had seen its tricks, leading to many rumors of it being an alien mechanism.

The amount of alien rumors that sprouted up in the news was high, and Dr. Carl Williston went through a test of his own on the Mystery Sphere. Dr. Williston found that there were four magnetic poles inside, but the strength of the reactions was uncommon for something so small. There were also three smaller spheres found within the sphere through X-ray, but the sphere has gone missing.

#5 – The Pyramid of Hellinikon

The-Pyramid-of-HellinikonIt seems like Greece is the home to pretty much every pyramid in Europe, but the most mysterious of the bunch is the Hellinikon Pyramid. The origins of the pyramid come from a geographer from ancient times, who wrote that the building was the site of a battle that was made into a tomb for those that lost their lives. It’s guessed that the pyramid is 5,000 years old, but historians are stumped as to why it was built in the first place.

Hellinikon is built entirely out of limestone, and has a rectangular building located within the walls. A narrow walkway leads to an entrance in the pyramid with square rooms, and it has held up better than all of the other pyramids in Greece. Glyphs on the walls of the structure suggest that the battle that took place near the pyramid was the first to use shields.

#4 – UFO Tooth Wheel

UFO-Tooth-WheelA man that was working in Russia found this rare piece that looked like a tooth wheel that was stuck in a chunk of coal. Scientists determined that the tooth wheel was made of aluminum and man-made, but dated 300 million years into the past. Humans didn’t perfect use of aluminum until the 1800’s, which is why it’s so strange. This has fueled rumors that the tool actually came from another planet due to its age and advanced technology at the time.

Not only that, but scientists believe that the Earth was never new during this time period, so that dinosaurs hadn’t even been the product of evolution yet. If that’s the case, then nothing that was around at that time could have been intelligent enough to use create the tool, unless there was a previous civilization or a misread timeline in Earth’s history.

#3 – Salzburg Cube

Salzburg-CubeIn the late 19th century, a man that was working at a foundry in Austria broke open a piece of coal to find the Salzburg Cube inside of it. After being baffled by it, he showed to the supervisor and it was turned into a museum. A professor at the museum searched the cube, and found out that it was a chunk of meteorite, but it was later discovered that it was not a natural piece, and that it was millions of years old. The cube still sits in the Heimathaus Museum in Austria.

Unlike most of the elements that surrounded it, there were no traces of nickel, chromium, cobalt or even iron, which is why it was ruled out as a meteorite. Some have also tried to say that it was machine-made because it was so precise, but that was ruled out as well. Just what is the Salzburg Cube made out of? That’s something we’re still trying to figure out.

#2 – Stone Head

Stone-HeadYou have probably seen the heads of Easter Island, but may not have heard of this Stone Head that was found in the 1930’s in Guatemala. Historians concluded that it didn’t look like anybody that lived in the area in the past, making it a mystery. Just like the tooth wheel, some thought that it might have been a tribute to an alien species that arrived in ancient times. There is also no body under the head.

The area was discovered by Dr. Oscar Rafael Padilla Lara, and when he was contact by explorer David Hatcher Childress, he was given the location of the head. When Childress arrived at the site, he found that it had been destroyed so further research could not be done on it. Many believe it was destroyed by anti-government rebels in the area, and that it was too dangerous to return until it was too late.

#1 – The Emerald Tablet

The-Emerald-TabletThere are photos of all of the other artifacts on this list, but not the Emerald Tablet. It was mentioned in an Arabic book more than 1500 years ago, and it’s believed that the tablet holds the information about the stone that can turn metals into gold. It has been referenced several times over the centuries, but nobody has been able to find it and hang onto it. Even Sir Isaac Newton has translated the original text, but it still remains a mystery.

According to parts of the original text that have been translated, there are references to the creation of experimenting in labs, the element system and even more. Parts of it say that “Tis true without lying, certain and most true… That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.” If you can figure out, please help us out here.