10 Reasons Why You Met Your Best Friend in High School

As high school graduation draws closer for seniors, they are often warned to say goodbye to their friends as their lives transition into college and adulthood. In fact, many people claim that high school is the final goodbye of best friends as attending different colleges, meeting new people and finding new interests often separate even the closest of friends.

Thankfully, however, that’s not always the case. Some of us are lucky enough to still have and hang out with our friends from high school, sharing memories of our pasts while creating new memories with our spouses and expanding families. Why is it, then, that high school is where best friends first meet? No matter how many new friends you make throughout your lifetime, the first best friend you truly ever had was most likely in high school. From confidence boosts to reality checks, here are 10 reasons why you met your best friend in high school.

#10 – They give you confidence


In a time of acne breakouts and first dates, confidence is often a rollercoaster for many high school teens. In fact, that’s probably the number one reason why you met your best friend in high school. This BFF is the one who was always able to talk you into doing something stupid for the adrenaline rush or maybe to get the attention of your crush. From taking your parents car for a joyride to skipping class to head to the mall, your best friend was right there with you to encourage and boost your confidence. How else would you have survived your 11th grade breakup from the love of your life?

#9 – They kept you on track

Just like those pesky acne breakouts, peer pressure is a common theme in high school as teens will do just about anything to fit in with the crowd. While school administration and parents do everything in their power to eliminate peer pressure, the reality remains. From the dangers of drugs to underage drinking, there are always a group of teens who pressure others to fit in. This is why the relationship between you and your best friend was lifesaving, at times, throughout high school. From keeping it real and helping to avoid peer pressure, you each saved one another from life changing and horrible decisions.

#8 – They molded your thinking

Scientists claim that most thought processes are formed directly because of the friendships you made in high school. That means that as you pondered over whether your crush liked you back, you were actually molding the thought processes of your adulthood. Crazy, right? When it comes to friends, especially best friends, having a solid relationship with others is vital to emotional and mental health, which means that your best friend actually helped mold who you are as an adult!

#7 – Even after losing touch, they shaped your future

Did you know that your relationship with your high school BFF has affected the relationships you have with your spouse or significant other, your sister or your boss? Don’t believe us? Psychologists have even studied the phenomenon to better understand and explain these relationships. This doesn’t seem too far fetched, however. Just consider the stories you share about your past, from memories to special occasions, and how many of these include your best friend! It only makes sense that your “remember when” moments are defined by your friendship.

#6 – They taught you

Did your best friend teach you how to be cool? Did you best friend teach you how not to flirt with guys? From lessons on what’s cool and what’s not to simply communicating, your best friend taught you more than you can ever imagine. Remember, for example, the endless amount of group projects that you had to do in college. Are you involved in group projects at work? Your best friend contributed to how you work and communicate as part of a team. Think for a moment: did your best friend ever laugh at one of your outfits? In doing so, despite his or her intentions, you learned how to deal with criticism, a vital part of professional success especially when it comes to teamwork. Do you believe us now?

#5 – They relaxed you


It’s a scientific fact that friendships make you relax. No, seriously; we aren’t kidding! It’s been proven that spending time with friends actually releases hormones that reduce stress levels. This not only applies to adults, it actually goes so far as to children and teenagers! This means that all of the time you spent with your friends was actually helping you learn how to relax and take it easy. Whether you spent time together playing video games or hanging out at the mall, simply being around your friends drastically reduced your stress levels even when your teenage life was seemingly falling apart.  This must be why everyone on the O.C. always looked so chill – either that or the California sun!

#4 – They showed you how to love

If you are married or have met “the one”, you have your high school best friend to thank. Why? Your high school best friend is the first true relationship you had that involved feelings and communication, heartache and even frustration. As teens navigating the treacherous waterways of emotions and hormones, these epic relationships set the bar for how your future relationships will work as they define, early on, how you argue, how you love and how you respond in times of difficulty. In fact, look at the Dawson’s Creek crew and see how their relationships in high school transformed their adult lives – even in true Hollywood fashion!

#3 – They made you happy

Remember when we mentioned that your best friend helped reduce stress levels? Once again, your best friend saves the day by adding happiness to your life. Teenagers experience a world of emotion that spans frustration with their parents to emotional havoc over crushes, which is why happiness is a true diamond in the rough during such an emotional roller coaster ride of life. Best friends help one another navigate emotions that may otherwise lead to sadness and depression. Just look at everything Serena and Blair went through on Gossip Girl and survived all the happier because of their friendship!

#2 – They were your shoulder to cry on

Parents of teens often mean well when they say they understand how hard it is to be in high school but, teens often have trouble believing it since it seems like their parents went to high school in the dark ages! This is yet another reason why you met your best friend in high school. When times were tough, your best friend was there with a shoulder to cry on as she, better than anyone else, understood your struggle. From your parents grounding you from going to the party to your boyfriend calling you spastic, she was there to listen to you vent and there again as you cried. Why? Because, as true best friends, you did the same for her.

#1 – They made you healthy


“You’re a freak and I love you” seem like sweet words especially when coming from your best friend. Going through life without a best friend, or any friend for that matter, is likely to lead to a life of solitude. In turn, this can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that brings about obesity and other health risks like depression. Your best friend made you active by motivating you to go out and be social, to do more and to see more. How often did you and your best friend sit on the couch and watch endless hours of television eating Doritos and only moving to go to the restroom? If you can count these times on one hand, thank your best friend for getting you off the couch and establishing early habits of an active and healthy lifestyle!