10 Real People That Actually Tried to Be Crime Fighting Superheroes


#10 – Captain Australia

Captain-AustraliaThe first superhero on our list tackles crime from Down Under, since he doles out justice in Brisbane, Australia. While the United States might have Captain America, the Aussies have their own Captain Australia, except their version comes with the added perk of being real. Hiding behind his secret identity, Captain Australia wears a low cost costume with garden gloves and an “at” symbol emblazoned on his chest, so if you are in dire need and want to summon this Australian do-gooder, just shoot him over an e-mail . Captain Australia is claimed to really be a house-husband with two children, but at night he becomes a superhero to keep his town safe.

Captain Australia wears a utility belt, but he doesn’t actually carry around any weapons, and he has the boxing skills of a kangaroo, so what’s his secret to stopping crime in Brisbane? Captain Australia claims that by simply showing up and making himself visible to criminals, that they will stop what they’re doing and scurry off. While there hasn’t been much video evidence of Australia’s tactics working, he did say that he once prevented a woman from being assaulted.