10 Real People That Actually Tried to Be Crime Fighting Superheroes


Comic books are as essential to American culture as baseball and apple pie; ever since big names like Superman were introduced, kids have grown up wanting to be a superhero, zipping around town and putting a stop to would be evildoers.. Being in the superhero business is tough since it doesn’t pay, and by the time you start adding up the cost of a costume, gadgets, and impending hospital bills, it becomes more and more unlikely that you will ever have your crime fighting dream realized; then again, the whole “not having superpowers” thing can be a bit of a problem as well.

But just because you don’t have any superpowers doesn’t mean that you can’t be a superhero! There have been several vigilantes that have created a persona and took to the streets in their own cities to deter crime, and to increase the morale for its citizens; while you can’t walk around town with a bunch of weapons, or hang villains from a streetlamp like Spider-Man, these everyday heroes still do their best to keep the streets safe. But who are the greatest real life superheroes to ever walk the Earth?. Here are the top 10 real people who didn’t need to fly in order to put on a cape.