10 Most Insane Real Prison Escapes That Actually Worked


#10 – T.J. Lane

T.J.-LaneTragedy struck the northeast town of Chardon, Ohio in 2010 when T.J. Lane walked into the town’s high school with a gun, firing off several shots that would end up killing three students and injuring even more. After being sentenced to three consecutive life sentences at the age of 19 years old, Lane was sent to the Allen Correctional Institute in Lima, Ohio. There, he made friends with Lindsey Bruce and Clifford Opperud who would help in planning their great prison escape.

The trio found a crawlspace that allowed them access to a warehouse where they were able to put together enough scrap parts to assemble a ladder. In September 2014, the three escaped during the night using the ladder to get themselves over the 15 foot tall prison walls, quickly running away from the building. Thankfully, the three were captured the following morning and sent back to prison.