10 Most Insane Real Prison Escapes That Actually Worked


“Slammer”, “pokey”, “lock up”, “pen”, “jail” – it seems as though the world is fascinated with prisons from reality television featuring life behind bars to great prison escapes both on and off the silver screen. While prison escapes can be both exciting and impressive in the movies, if you live in a prison town, there’s nothing more nerve wracking than hearing of a prison escape and living with the reality that the criminal might pass through your yard looking for the nearest route to freedom. Talk about scary!

With maximum security and complex layouts, prisons were designed to keep criminals inside, making it almost impossible for them to escape and commit further crimes. But, despite sky hall walls, massive fences, ear-piercing sirens and countless guards, prisoners continue to plot and plan their escapes to find freedom.

So which prisoners actually pulled off their great escapes? While the amount of prison breaks is far from being very high, the escapes throughout history have been ridiculous in their own right. Are you curious? We found 10 of the most insane and real prison escapes ever documented. Let’s see if you recognize any of these criminal names and their place in prison history!