10 Head Scratching Wrestling Personas That Were Just Plain Ridiculous


#10 – Dr. Isaac Yankem

Meet Dr. Yankem, the mad wrestling dentist. And just by looking at his teeth, it’s safe to say that it’s a good thing he quit his day job to pursue his wrestling dreams. He made his debut in 1995, settling a feud between two other wrestlers. The head scratching logic behind his debut: when you need to take care of your arch nemesis once and for all, you bring in your personal dentist to help you out.

And if this guy looks vaguely familiar, well, he did actually become pretty famous when he reinvented himself two years later. Dr. Yankem brought in a dentist of his own to settle the feud between his teeth, quit his practice altogether and became known as Kane, The Undertaker’s half-brother and the poster boy of professional wrestling in the late nineties.