10 of the Dumbest Criminals of All-Time Caught on Camera


#10 – The Most Pathetic Attempt at a Break In

Step #1 in the “Idiots Guide to Burglary” is to hide your face. Now, I’m not an expert burglar, but I’m pretty sure that picking a better time other than broad daylight might be part of Step #2. Perhaps this guy is a greenhorn to burglary but, funny enough, the joke is on him as this Florida home owner gets a clear look at this pathetic attempt to rob his home. Not only does this guy look directly into the camera, he makes a fool of himself by flipping it off and then throwing a rock (and missing!). With this half-hearted and blundering attempt, police were quick to catch this burglar. In fact, he probably knocked on the front door and turned himself in, the fool!