10 Crazy Futuristic Things That Are Literally Just Around the Corner


#10 – The Hypospray

Are you afraid of needles? Many people have panic attacks at the thought of an injection; unfortunately they are a necessary evil, providing the only means for many lifesaving drugs and vaccines to enter our bodies.

There may now be light at the end of the tunnel for Trypanophobes, because it seems an invention is about to completely remove the need for hypodermic needles. The ‘Hypospray’ was first seen in the original Star Trek series as a way of painlessly administering drugs through the skin with just the click of a button. The thought seems too good to be true, but researchers at MIT have been inspired by this space age invention and have come up with their own design called a ‘Jet Injector’ which pushes mediation through the skin at the speed of sound. No more pain, no more blood and no more panic attacks!