10 Crazy Futuristic Things That Are Literally Just Around the Corner


Predicting what the future will look like is never an easy task. In the 1950’s people were assured they would see flying cars zooming overhead by the 60’s, ten years later the most popular grand prediction was that we would all be blasting off on holiday to the moon by the 70’s, ten years after that… well, you get the picture. The future may not have turned out as some people expected, but there are plenty of futuristic, world changing inventions that are so close you can almost touch them. You thought flying cars were exciting (although they are coming soon too)? Just wait till you see what’s in store for the next few years.

You’ll be glad to know that this isn’t a list of predictions; all of these amazing things are either happening right now or just about to happen. There is an exciting future ahead of us, so read on and discover how the world is about to change.