10 Brave Animals That Saved Other Animals Lives


#10 – Elephants Team Up to Save a Calf

Full grown elephants have no problem withstanding the treacherous currents when crossing a river. For baby elephants however, it can be a very dangerous undertaking. In this footage, captured by Sandy Gelderman while on a safari in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a six month old calf suddenly gets caught in a strong current and in danger of being washed away downriver at a very high speed.

Fortunately, one of the elephants notices the danger right away and runs after the baby elephant as fast as it can, pushing the baby elephant to safety. Another elephant, later identified as the mother, also notices her babe in distress and swoops in to lend a helping trunk. After about two minutes of pushing and pulling, the calf is finally able to brave the current and makes it ashore safe and sound.